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Updated August 30, 2016 - ( Topic in French with 3 pages of Thanks)

So I started to generate a documentation with Doxygen since July 31, 2012 ...

But it required a lot of adjustments because the documentation comments were not suitable for use by Doxygen !!

However, I really wanted to use it, because I tested (and even recently) many generators of doc,

but none of them equal the search engine in Javascript that runs locally like Doxygen

So I spent weeks, months, years to test the configuration of Doxygen (while continuing to use this doc for my developments)
and there is a really interesting option, that is the ability to bypass the source code files by a filter

So I just finished this script filtering, and the versions that I post today are more documentation bugs free !!

(There are still 620 errors lines to correct ... if the PrestaShop team wants to take care of, I also put the file attached below)

I have deliberately excluded from this doc directories cache, docs, install, localization, emails, override, pdf, themes, tools, and translations, as well as some unnecessary php files (eg translations) ...

So no doc on the functions of libraries tinyMCE, jQuery, Smarty, etc ...
Just the heart of Presta in PHP and some JavaScript functions

To give you an idea more precise, a screenshot below :




A small thank will always make me happy and will reward me for my work  ;)

Once downloaded, unzip the file (you'll need 7zip that is an open-source software and better than Zip), go to the directory and click "index.html"






There is certainly room for improvement ... especially concerning inheritance graphs relating to the "Core" (I think I will take care of in a few days)

Anyway, I made my best ... tell me what you think about ...


Addendum (for PrestaShop Team) : PrestaShop_1.6.1.6_warnings_log.txt


In addition, this excellent Tutorial (in French), posted on the blog of PrestaRocket:

Exploiter à 100% le MVC de PrestaShop 1.5

Thanks to him  B)

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