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[Solved] links module

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When the links block is activated it asks for an URL. Is there a link page in the app to link to or does it have to be made? I dont see it. The block code is just for looping the results.

Would it also be possible to list  the entries alphabetically?

The reason I ask is that I dont want a long list of links on the frontpage. A dedicated page would be better.


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Hi cutmedia


We're sorry but this link block just allows you to put links into this block.


Currently there is no way to extract this functionality to another page :(


But you could make it by yourself by duplicating this module and adding a new function returning a links' array which would be exploited by your smarty web page (could be a very good module idea ;D).


If you need some help feel free to ask (but in the module forum of course :P), we'll enjoy helping you develop it.

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