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Bug unwanted pop when click on add products to basket


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My eshop www.71bis.com is facing a strang situation since today, although I did not change anything.

When adding products to basket, a popup windows from http://quickdomainfwd.com/?dn=give.it&pid=9PO755G95 comes up and moves the client to this page hence making him loose the eshop page.

This is clearly unwanted and I do not know what's happenning.

Please help,

Thanks a lot,


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It just a guess about infection because pop-ups just don't appear from nowhere.


Infection can happen:

1) You password is weak and somebody guessed it.

2) You use themes or plugins that been hacked https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/544579-major-security-issues-with-few-modules-and-themes/

3) Somebody hacked your PrestaShop

4) Somebody hacked your hosting


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