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Helper form attributes?


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Hello, is it possile to set attributes to inputs in defining array? Like: 

 'type' => 'text',
 'label' => $this->l('Path:'),
 'name' => 'path',
 'col' => 4,
 'class' => 'toggle_import_type toggle_item_xml',
 'attribute' => array(
  'readonly' => 'readonly',
  'data-custom' => 'whatever'


with result of <input name="path" readonly="readonly" data-custom="whatever" etc....


it would be cool if it can, btw its not dificult to customize the helper, i can contribute if more people would like this thing

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Hi from 2020!!

I'm searching this question's answer. I'm already examined all prestashop repository i can't get any result.

So, anyway I found a solution in the Prestashop sources. If you want to add a someting like data-products-url="/api/products" you  can't do this anyway with HelperForm class seems like  this class doesn't supports add custom attributes. You can store global javascript variable with your controller or module class if you want by using bellow code.

            'your_data_attribute' => "your_data",

Why HelperForm doesn't support custom attributes?

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