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quantum discount combined with normal discount flawed?


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I'm using Prestashop and I have come across something that is really strange. I believe the calculation of prices in Prestashop is flawed.


1 product: 20% discount (product discount)
2 products: 10% quantum discount
3 products: 20% quantum discount


In every other webshop software the total discount for buying 3 products would be 40%.


In Prestashop (a fresh installation) the calculation is 20% discount.



This is an ongoing problem, because we cannot give discounts in combination with quantum discounts.

Some help would be appreciated.



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there is nothing to fix because it is not a bug. This is how prestashop calculates prices of product.

if you will create: product discount + quantity discount both are included to "specific prices" section on product edit page: 


PrestaShop can apply only one specific price to product, so the target of specific price will be always original product price.
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