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Prestashop cloud store completely deleted. How does restore work?


Hi everyone,


bad surprise this morning when after quite long holidays I came back to my online store.

Prestashop deleted my store for inactivity (2 months not connecting to it).

My fault for not reading terms and conditions, fault of the spam filter detecting the alert e-mail as spam, but well, the situation is now this.

I contacted the customer service and they told me they cannot do anything, but only either send me a backup (150 euros price.... http://addons.prestashop.com/en/22705-store-backup.html ) or migrate to my server (199 euros http://addons.prestashop.com/en/services/19155-migration-ticket-prestashop-cloud-to-prestashop-download-.html).


Now the question is the following: will I be able to restore my complete store on the cloud service by buying the backup solution? I don't have my own server nor my own hosting, so I definitely need to restart on the Prestashop cloud.

But there, I cannot even create a new store by using my domain name, since it says it is already registered.


What should I do to have my store back on the cloud?

Thanks to everyone,





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I'm having the same situation, my store was deleted and I filled a ticket no response yet. 


I think that is not right Prestashop send only ONE e-mail that allways go to spam only 15 days before delete the store. I received the e-mail on June 29 and even if not went to spam I was out of office until August 15 that its no time the login before store deleted.


I hope not have this high costs to have a store restored, because I will prefer to re-start on other paid platform where this costs cover one year of subscription. I agree pay but not this high value because I work on IT and know that a restore it's an easy job 


Anyway was my fault not login on back-office but  advise only 15 days before delete a job of months on vacation time isnt fair.



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