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Assistance with page - basic elements in default theme

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Sorry for stacking up many questions but rather than starting one topic for each I've collected them. Hope that's ok. I don't expect someone to answer them all.


Here's the page http://lucabrasico.com/index.php

Prestashop v, all modules are up to date.


The theme is basic one modified slightly.


1. I have added Category T-SHIRT with parent HOME. I have then added other categories with parent T-SHIRT but why when I hold my cursor above T-SHIRT in menu do the other sub-categories not pop up and show below as menu options?

I have tried to disable the module with the slider but it doesn't make a difference.


2a. When I chose a PRODUCT on the webbpage and it takes me to the product window for a specific shirt, why are the images static? Why are the small pictures below the main frozen, if I hold the cursor above a small one it will not appear in the large window and if I click a small picture it takes me to some other page showing it enlarged.


2b. Why is there no preview feature for products on the main page? All I can do is click on one shirt which takes me to another page.


3. I have installed elevateZoom for Prestashop v1.0.4 but it doesn't work. Anything in other module I need to enable/disable for it to work?


4. In the header, how come I can't position the CART to the very left next to LANGUAGE


5. Bottom of main page, why is it not possible to position the SOCIAL NETWORKING BLOCK to far left or far right through positions in back office? Where do I position them if not there?


6. If i click T-shirt in the menu and it takes me to next page. The top banner with Ibrahimovic doesn't cover the entire segment. As you can see there is some empty grey to the left. Yes imagie size recommendation in back office says 870x217, which is exactly what my uploaded image is.


Thanks in advance for any answers you might have.

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