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system error 113 can not connet database misql


well , the last week the shop go down 1 day

today have this error and cant make nothing in my shop


link to database not work


some people.know what is the problem?

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seems like it is some host settings problem,
most sources say that this problem is strictly related to settings.

The 113 error shows "no route to host" error. you must configure your ip address on both machines.
of course,it must be routable.else, it wont work.



this means that your db probably is not accessible from "external" machines because of db privileges. This can be a part of "security" policy on your host.

please make sure that your database user can be connected to db from ip address where the shop is hosted (www and mysql can be on separated, different hosts)

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I have had the same thing happen on my store during the weekend, most likely on Sunday. No changes where made during the weekend.

Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2013] Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 113

Strange thing is I posted a support ticket as soon as i was told it was down, and in about an hour the store was working again..... however....


Now i only have 95 products on the store rather than close to 700 that i should have.... seems that an old backup was restored... don't know why an old backup would have been used when i have one dated 11th August (last Thursday).


So at that point i posted another support ticket, asking to have the most recent backup restored..... haven't heard anything from the Prestashop support team.


At the moment my store is in maintenance mode, and can't be used.... looks like i now have to start all over again, 5 months of work down the drain!!!

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