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Help us translate PrestaShop in your language

Antoine F

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Dear Forum member, 
As an open-source software editor, we owe a lot to the PrestaShop community. One good example is that the software translations are actually handled by members of the community from all over the world. 
We use Crowdin, a collaborative translation platform to share our multilingual translation projects with you. Check the Project’s official page for more info. 

How can you help? 
While a lot has been done already (PrestaShop is fully translated 
in 16 languages), some languages still need translation and/or improvement. Your help in your language is needed   :) 

How does it work? 
If you wish to get involved and translate the software in your language, join our Crowdin project : https://crowdin.com/project/prestashop-official


Our team is working hard to issue the 1.7 version, coming very soon, which already brought a new translation system. It makes it quicker and easier for our community members to translate PrestaShop in your language. 

It’s your turn to play! 
We’ve created a guide that summarizes all the tips and best practices to follow when translating for PrestaShop : http://build.prestashop.com/assets/ext/PrestaShop_Translator_Guide.pdf 


Translating is one way to join our amazing community and to allow new success stories to come to life in your country ! If you have questions on how to translate PrestaShop, contact us at [email protected]. We’re looking forward to welcoming you in the translators’ community. 


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