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Top payment options in Europe

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We are ready to start the sales online but not yet decided on what payment options to choose.
We plan to sell mostly to Western Europe and less US.

The first 2 options already in prepared or in negotiation stage are paypal and CC(merchant account).

Reading about the options, such as this:
confuse instead of helping. So I was wondering if anyone saw a pertinent research on what Europeans prefer (based on their nationality) to use for online payment.

Alternatively, we can make a list of the countries and people whit experience in selling in those countries can give some of their findings....of course if no secret.

I believe that many sales are missed because the right payment option is not provided, so optimizing and integrating properly with ship2pay can be a great help


found several payment integrators that explain for each country what works best. here is an example:

now just wondering if any has any experience with Ogone or others similar. There is a module for Ogone, but could read very little about it.

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