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Hi everyone!


I'm creating my first prestashop e-shop, and now, among other things like theme customization, I've learned in practice the basics of module development, including settings page, front- and backoffice hooks and so on.

But I still cant understand how to create an Admin***Controller for my module.


Now I know how to create admin menu item (tab) and make my controller just to exist (in other words - my controller page can be opened without errors), but now I'm just using redirect in my Admin***Controller.init() to my module settings page, because that's the only (ugly) way I found to call my module backoffice page from admin menu.


So, the question is: is there some step-by-step guide, where the admin controller creation basics described like the module creation described in official PS docs?


the only thing I found in PS docs about controller is short description about some fields of frontend controller (but it just helped me to understand the concept of usinc controller - create tpl, fill some magic data, call display*** methods - and happyness will come), but nothing else...


Thanks in advance for your help :)

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