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Real-time postcode validation


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OK, so my client would like to only deliver to certain postcodes.

I'm thinking I'd like to insert some kind of real-time postcode checker when a user is inputting their delivery address, much like the ajax username checkers you get on forms signing up for Twitter etc...

...if an invalid postcode is entered a message is displayed about alternative delivery options.

Is this something that's doable in the prestashop environment? Would anyone like to point me in the right direction to get this started?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Adam,

I'm looking for the same thing for a flower shop who have their own delivery vans and want to restrict delivery of their flowers to within a 10 or 20 mile area around their shop.

An ajax Postcode validator would be perfect!

How did you get on with this, did you find a solution?

Cheers Adam
Warren (UK)

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Hi Warren,

Unfortunatley (as you can see) no one got back to me. Although, I did manage to sort something out with it - however, I can't remember what it was!! ha! It was so long ago!

I've since changed jobs and this project was at my old job! The website is www.northover-fuels.co.uk - I'm not sure how much that will help you.

I seem to remember playing a lot with counties and zones to create postcodes, it took A LONG time but I think it worked alright!

Hope that helps you!


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