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Images on Index Page/Home Page do not load and more

Debbie Grigsby

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I am having issues with images NOT appearing or loading on the front index page/main home page.  I have found that I can go to the CATEGORIES and the images there will load, but sometimes they also do not, until I go in and clean out my history, but that is a major pain in the arse.  I am sure it would also be the same for clients and that is why we haven't had any orders in the past month.


Also, when a client signs into their account the images do not appear for them in any of the CATEGORIES.




Any help is appreciated.


Thank you,

Debbie Grigsby

Florence, Oregon


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pls check your image of categories on back office

and it's only show when you go to category page

if you want to show it on homepage, you have to config it on your code

by the default, it's not show on homepage

if you can not do that, contact to me, I will help you solve it

my skype: nguyenphucthinh218

hope it helpful

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