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One installation not accessible from distinct server names


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Trying to be a good developer, I installed the shiny new PrestaShop to localhost. Works fine so far, plusminus a few installation glitches (bug reported).


Next step would be to refine the theme a bit for our needs, so I tried to connect from the phone on the same network segment. Not http://localhost/, but http://servername/


This doesn't work. Instead of opening the shop, the phone's browser gets redirected to literally http://localhost, which doesn't run the shop, of course (it's the phone's localhost, then). The correct way would be to stay at http://servername/ and handle requests there.


Another reason I try to get this running is, I plan to develop and test locally before changing the public site. Anything else would be gambling. Synchronisation is no problem, but how would I deal with this if the very same data here doesn't work there?


I grep'd for PS_SHOP_DOMAIN in the code, where this hardcoded name is apparently stored, but it doesn't look like this is actually used in a meaningful place (the few functions which do use it don't get called from anywhere).


Any idea on how to get rid of this hardcoded servername in PrestaShop?

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Within a few hours I managed to create a patch which would avoid the redirect and allow to connect independently via any of the server's names. But it also out that this clamping to a single host name is written pretty deeply into the code, so it's liekly I missed a spot or two.


Looks like I have to find a way to change the host name inside the database during the synchronisation process. At least one can connect to the admin panel with the "wrong" host name given.

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