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Express Cache Module

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my web site (prestashop preference): 

Cache : Yes

never recompile template files


"Smart cache" css : Yes

"Smart cache" java : Yes

Compressed Js : yes

Java to footer : Yes



Open page index = 4sec.

Open page category = 6sec.

Open page product = 5sec.


With Express Cache Module =


Open page index = 0.200ms

Open page categorie = 0.280ms.

Open page product = 0.250ms.



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Thanks to share the information. Did you achieve these results when no cache in Chrome? I mean first time that you browse your site without any cache and history you see the same improvement?

the first time you visit any website, it is going to take longer because your browser has to download every single resource from your server/cdn.  however using express cache module (or any caching module) will reduce that first visit time, since those pages are cached by the module and do not need to be generated on the server side

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Hi, now I am using the module in my site. Based on live cache editor figures I see a big improvement in site load time and even I feel it but when I test the site with tools like GTmetrix or even Chrome I do not see any change or improvements. Do you have any idea? Does Gtmetrix clear cache every time we use it?


How do you measure those parameters :

Open page index

Open page category

Open page product


I am using version 2.6.4  and I see below parameters in my live cache editor:


Load Time: 0.104 sUpdated: 18.28 mins agoHits: 40Misses: 6




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I am the maker of Express Cache module. You are not seeing any improvements in GTMetric because it measures overall site health instead of speed of the page. You shall feel  faster response of the website (as you already do) by browsing through the website. However, you can quantify this fastness by checking the page response time in Google Analytics or Web master tools. You can also use pingdom tools to measure the responsiveness of a website. 

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