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Error detail from AuthorizeAIM : Cardholder Address cwbcp:Country must contain a valid 3 digit alpha


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Need solution fast to solve it.


From authorize support send me this:

"OK, that is an issue with how prestashop is sending the country code. It needs to be a 3 digit alpha ISO country code. I would advise you contact Prestashop about this error."








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When you did your checkout, what address did you use for the invoice and delivery?  What Country did you select?


Most likely the AuthorizeAIM module is trying to send the COuntry from the invoice address that you have selected.  I don't have access to the authorizeAim module you are using, so I can only guess here.  But either you have configured the Country incorrectly in your back office, or the module is not sending the Country at all, or the module is sending a different value than they are expecting.


You really did not provide enough information here, so I can only guess and give some guidance.

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