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Got logged into to a customer account


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I was logged into the prestashop backoffice, with multiple tabs open like customers, orders, shopping cart. 

when i then opened a tab to go to the frontpage. when the site loaded, i was logged into one of the customers account.

and i was able to navigate around in that customers account.

How can this have happend. 







Marius Christiansen

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Hello, Vekia


No, i do not use such a module. at first i was thinking that i was going to get a message saying you are not logged in, as fast i tryd to navigate around. but i was able to go access everything inside this customers account, like order history etc, and that made be surprised and worried. but since you are saying its quite impossiible then i dont know, i only know what happened to me. so unless it have or will happen to anyone else i guess it will just be a mystery for me.





Marius Christiansen

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We're experiencing this problem as well. I see my own name in the header, but i'm possible to see personal information, orders and everything else of the person. I have no idea how this happend. We are not using any strange modules for this shop.


Kind regards,


The Adeko team!

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Hi all, this is my first time posting here...

I have a similar problem, I recently discover that some customer accounts are "duplicated", as in the database I have two customer with same email and name and I cannot figure out how they did it.


I tried everything : changing another account email to an existing one, create new account with existing email and checking out as guest with an email of a customer, and in every try Prestashop told me that the email belong to an existing account.


Another strange problem is that I have customers that are logging in with their email and pass, but they are entering another account, really strange.


Can anyone help? 

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