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How satisfied are you with the ebay module from 202ecommerce?


How satisfied are you with the ebay module from 202ecommerce?  

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  1. 1. How satisfied are you with the ebay module from 202ecommerce?

    • I am satisfied with the ebay module.
    • I have problems occasionally
    • It's a complete catastrophe

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Yet again UK support has been removed in a 202ecommerce product (maybe they just don't like brits). The module page says it works with UK shops but install it and it says you need a previous version (probably bug riddled).


Nice one again 202ecommerce.


Not true! They responded to my support ticket within a few hours and despite the fact that I resolved my own issue in the end, they were very willing to assist. Also don't forget people, this is a FREE module, I am surprised there is any support at all. Would you offer support on a FREE module?? I doubt it. So stop being negative about 202ecommerce, they are kings in my eyes.


As for your problem with install, you need to first install an earlier version, I started with 1.12, then upgraded 1.13 before going to the latest, yes there were issues but almost all were to do with my own lack of knowledge of the product, so there was a learning curve, and most of the answers can be found in the api logs and with a bit of cross reference with eBay policy and error codes you can work it out. 


For support you need to raise a ticket here https://support.202-ecommerce.com/support/home

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Version 1.14.0 is the latest version and it has been blocked for sellers in the UK, Germany and Italy. So you can download it but you can't install it you get an error message saying thhat you can no longer use it in the UK.


This following is a direct quote from the developers website - http://www.202-ecommerce.com/en/partners-modules/ebay-en/


1.14.0 – July 26 2016 – New features
Product codes : send “Unbranded” when no brand is sent
Support for eBay feature “Business Policies”
Blocked new module installation based in Italy, Germany & UK (merchant may use 1.13.2 below).


The problem with using an old version of a module is that it is not being patched when security problems are found and bugs are not addressed.

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Oh I see. Maybe something to do with the issues I had with it before I rolled back. Personally I'm quite happy with 1.13.2 but if it's such a problem for you then you can always use involic's Pestabay module. Only €199 or €29 monthly. As they say, there are really no free lunches, so I'm very satisfied with the 202-ecommerce FREE solution.

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I think it's great that you are happy using out of date software and with being left behind on the development and security ladder.


My point is that this module is still being marketed as - I quote (from the modules page on the Prestashop Addon Marketplace) -"This module is available for the following countries: France, UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Austria & Switzerland."


When businesses make big decisions on which software to adopt, statements like that on the modules page can sway someone to drop other plans and adopt Prestashop, paying good money on modules to make the shop peform and look like they want it to only to go to install this module and to then find out that it has been blocked from your country even when the module page STILL says it is available in the UK is just rediculous.


If the developer wants to remove a country from using their software that is their perogative but to falsly advertise their module as working in that country is not on.


Their site as I have shown you clearly shows that they made the decision to prevent UK sites from using their module on the 26th of July when even now the module page says it is available and that's not on.


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I think you're missing the point here and getting slightly out of your box about it. They released 1.14 for all countries mentioned (as I said I installed it and it worked, but then I hit some issues and rolled back) then I understand they discovered issues with the way Ebay changed their API for countries other than France. Most of this is really about how eBay changed their API. This often happens without notice and anyone developing for an API needs to then re-design or retro fix their software to fit. Now, when you are charging a fee for a product the incentive, motivation and rewards are there to get the fixes in place ASAP, but if you are offering a FREE solution these imperatives are not quite so clear.


Version 1.13.2 works super fine for me, it lists those items I want to list, it updates and it provides me with purchasing information at the back end. They have not taken any money from you, they have made no false promises, so shut up or put up!



In summary, your claims of false advertising etc are at least unfair and I would suggest you get over yourself and go and spend some money on a paid solution.



PS I have also used some paid solutions using OpenCart and having spent a shed load of money and not had as good results as with this FREE module.

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One of us has completely missed the point I agree. I am not going to go over the same ground.


They are still advertising their product as being compatible for UK shops which it isn't and hasn't been since the 26th July.


I am someone who decided to go for Prestashop because of the advertised compatability and having spent over £900 now on add ons and having to buy a third party ebay module I can confirm that the false advertising does leave a bitter taste in my mouth.


You seem to be missing the point as the module is still advertised as being UK compatable and by that I am talking about the 1.14.0 version which isn't


I'm off now to "get over myself" as it appears that you are simply trying to troll me.

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I had some issues but was able to fix them myself giving 202ecommerce support a notice with the bug details.

The Support was slow but we did communicate a bit during several weeks. Unfortunately they did not integrate it in the updated version. This happened again afterwards and now they stopped support for uk and germany.


I have a small shop so it is difficult for me to invest the money for a commercial ebay module.


If the 202ecommerce team would communicate better. e.g. with an up to date sticky in the forums and also on their website I could make better decisions.

wether to wait for a compatible version in the near future OR to buy a commercial ebay module.


I did choose prestashop because of the free paypal, ebay and eu compliance as well as overall good commercial plugin options.



As I understand the prestashop universe there are some partner developers that produce a free official plugin and get payed by prestashops fund  or businesses like ebay directly. 


I have no idea about such business contract behind the scenes and cannot estimate how much money a developer of e.g. "free" ebay offical module would get from the such funds


But I must say that considering the uk and germany one of the biggest  markets in the Europe they should be supported in the Official modules OR at least some more information on why they are not supported , future plans, etc.

This should not take much time. Just a couple of sentences with reasons and details should do to keep US cool and make better choices :)


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It is simple module but works correctly.


Does anyone know how to hardcode ShippingProfileDiscountInfo into the module? I want to offer "combined shipping" to my customers and it is propably not possible with the ebay market place module :(






Have you solved this issue? I'm trying to do the same: applyDomesticPromoShippingProfile and applyIntlPromoShippingProfile turned ON in every Sync. Now, to offer combined shipping I have to do it via eBay after everytime the module syncs...


Thank you!

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I have noticed that after last ebay marketplace module upgrade it started to work very very slowly:( Whole backoffice and front office occurs big lags :( Sometimes it takes over 30 seconds to load :(. When the module is disabled than everything works great. Has anyone any idea?

Hook Time Memory Usage
__construct 30920 ms
7.25 Mb
hookdashboardZoneOne 23 ms 0.50 Mb
hookdashboardZoneTwo 12 ms - Mb
hookdisplayBackOfficeHeader 11 ms - Mb
hookbackofficetop 10 ms - Mb
hookactionAdminControllerSetMedia 0 ms - Mb
hookbackofficeheader - ms - Mb
7 hooks 30978 ms
7.75 Mb
Module Time Memory Usage
ebay 30875 ms 5.75 Mb
dashactivity 26 ms 0.50 Mb
paypal 22 ms 0.50 Mb
gamification 16 ms - Mb
dashgoals 10 ms - Mb
dashproducts 8 ms 0.25 Mb
dashtrends 5 ms 0.25 Mb
themeconfigurator 4 ms - Mb
cronjobs 4 ms - Mb
autoupgrade 4 ms 0.50 Mb
graphnvd3 2 ms - Mb
tawkto 1 ms - Mb
12 modules 30978 ms 7.75 Mb

The whole debug output here : http://pastebin.com/f9JKFhPN



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I mis the auction option in this module.


I dont want my products in the normal store on Ebay, and i want to make auctions of it.
Also the option to edit the ebay product number ini the backoffice. When i set an store product to auction product on ebay it gets a new product number.


Maybe sync on presta id that is automatically given to ebay.

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