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Merchant copy mail from Contact US Rejected


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There is an error when I try to send an email from Contact Us form, because the mail server from my hosting doesn't allow to send mails in name of other domain different than mine. 


To resolve that I changed the ContactController.php file in order to force the "from" to my Store EMail. But, after doing that, the Reply-To is also forced to the Store Email. The natural way should be that the Reply-To remain as the customer's email. 


So, what I need to do is to force the Reply-To as my customer's email while having the From as my store's email for the Contact Us page only.


Any ideas of how to achieve this? 



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Not sure what version of PS you are using, but in PS v1.6.1.6, support for reply to was added.  So the best thing would be to plan an upgrade to PS v1.6.1.6


I realize that may not be possible, so then the second option is to update your Mail.php class to add support for reply to, then update your ContactController to send the correct from and reply_to values to Mail::Send

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