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The price of the product without VAT in promotion

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Hello, I am using prestashop and I have troubles when using promotion on the products. The product page shows prices with and without VAT for all products with attributes as well. I had to chance some codes in product.tpl as well as in product.js. Everything works fine but when I add promotion to a product, the price without VAT is showing the correct amount. I know that I need to change or add something in product.js. Please enclosed what I have now


if (priceWithDiscountsDisplay > 0)
      $('#our_price_display').text(formatCurrency(priceWithDiscountsDisplay, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank)).trigger('change');
      $('#our_price_displaybezdane').text(formatCurrency(basePriceWithoutTax * currencyRate, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank));
        $('#our_price_display').text(formatCurrency(0, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank)).trigger('change');

    // If the calculated price (after all discounts) is different than the base price
    // we show the old price striked through

    if (priceWithDiscountsDisplay.toFixed(2) != basePriceDisplay.toFixed(2))
        $('#old_price_display span.price').text(formatCurrency(basePriceDisplay, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank));
        $('#old_price, #old_price_display, #old_price_display_taxes').removeClass('hidden').show();

        // Then if it's not only a group reduction we display the discount in red box
        if (priceWithDiscountsWithoutTax != priceWithGroupReductionWithoutTax)
            if (combination.specific_price.reduction_type == 'amount')
                $('#reduction_amount_display').html('-' + formatCurrency(discountValue, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank));
                var toFix = 2;
                if ((parseFloat(discountPercentage).toFixed(2) - parseFloat(discountPercentage).toFixed(0)) == 0)
                    toFix = 0;
                $('#reduction_percent_display').html('-' + parseFloat(discountPercentage).toFixed(toFix) + '%');

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