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Can't display sidebars on Smart Blog module

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I'm trying to set up a blog for our website and the free Smart Blog module is great. However, I can't work out why the sidebars will not display on the blog pages. It doesn't matter which option I choose on the 'Blog Page Column Setting' as nothing shows whether I choose right, left or prestashop column. All of the modules are correctly hooked into position but neither the prestashop sidebars nor the smart blog sidebars are displaying. If anyone has any ideas what might be causing this then I'd love to know.


Thanks in advance.




If you'd like to have a look at what might be causing the issue then follow this link:



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It is possible that module is not loading left/right column. Make sure that your blog module doesn't has below line of codes in its front controller file.


Path should be like:




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Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for taking a few days to reply but i'm currently on holiday. I looked at the file for your suggestion but there didn't appear to be anything unusual. The exact code was as follows:


$this->context->smarty->assign( array(
                                            'limit'=>isset($limit) ? $limit : 0,
                                            'limit_start'=>isset($limit_start) ? $limit_start : 0 ,
                                            'c'=>isset($c) ? $c : 1,
                                            'smartblogliststyle' => Configuration::get('smartblogliststyle'),
                                            'smartcustomcss' => Configuration::get('smartcustomcss'),
                                            'smartshownoimg' => Configuration::get('smartshownoimg'),
                                            'smartdisablecatimg' => Configuration::get('smartdisablecatimg'),
                                            'smartshowviewed' => Configuration::get('smartshowviewed'),
                                            'pagenums' => $totalpages - 1,
                                            'totalpages' =>$totalpages
Any other ideas?
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You can try searching the controller's __construct function for the following:

$this->display_column_left = false;
$this->display_column_right = false;

Change false to true if you find it.


You can also check the Preferences > Themes > Advanced Settings and make sure there's no module-smartblog entries that have an "X" under "Left column" and "Right column". If there is an X, click it to enable the column.

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I have the same issue. I'm using PS

- Theme has allowed sidebars for SMART Blog

- Positions of Modules are correct (displaySmartBlogLeft is presented as well)

- In code I have not found any invalid HOOK statements

- I have also re-installed all SMART Blog modules

- ...


but I'm not able to see in the BLOG the Left or Right sidebar with SMART Blog Search, Recent and Popular posts, Categories...


Here is my Blog: http://www.gll.sk/en/blog.html


Please, does anybody has any solution for this?


Thanks and regards, Rasto.

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