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Unit price import not work


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Hi to all.


I've a problem with the import fo unit price.

I thinked that it was the bad format (example: 5,5 or 5.5?).

I've tried in every way but the unit price is not setted with the import, the unity instead yes.


These are the combination that i tried to import

ID         REFERENCE            UNITY       UNIT PRICE
4130    namereference         kg                  5


4130    namereference         kg                  5.0


4130    namereference         kg                  5.1


4130    namereference         kg                  5,0


4130    namereference         kg                  5,1


4130    namereference         kg                  5.55555




I've read that many people has this bug ma nobody reply a functional answer.

Thanks to all.

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