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Sorting in the category issue | different from known problems here


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Hi to all of you.

This is the last solution for me and I hope I will find some clues or answers regarding my problem.

I did try to find answers by looking for different keywords for this topic and by Google it but nothing seems to be working for me.

Here is the thing:

I am not so much newbie with Presta but this is over me..

I'm on PS (fresh not update)

php 5.4.45

My previous PS was 1.5


I installed new PS version and copied SQL table by table (not all i needed) to new version, some I found have changed so after hours spend on finding solutions finally I got them working fine I suppose. I included all development updates from github docs which affected sql.


Untill now all is ok and fine BUT I am struggling with one issue.

Sorting in the category is my problem.

Some sorting in the categories seems to be working just fine without any problems, but some are not.

In example:

issue-1 When sorting, all appears sorted as I wish in the BO (even after refresh) but when I go to FP it looks totally different, I could not find logical comparison why it is sorted in this or other way.

issue-2 Sometimes when I change product position in the BO category, when I refresh it goes back as it was before (issue known in this forum)

Issue-3 I found products which are not suppose to be in certain category but I see them on the FP (but they do not appear in the BO it this category, they are not attached to it)

Here is what I did:

Sorting in the admin i set by inside the category

Went to sql to category_product and I looked for some specific product ID's, answer-> I didn't see they are doubled or anything like that. One Id has one position in one category, but in the FP I see it on two different categories. Only connector is that one is mother cat and other i sub. cat.

Went to _product and _product_shop -> same, product attached to one category.

I installed this GREAT(!) script (it helped to someone with some similar problems) but all there looks fine, from the database all is sorted as it should be and I can not see any mess there.

I cleared cache by presta/admin and manually by ftp, also cleared, browser etc. also...


What is funny is that some categories are sorting normally (clue-> always sub cat.) but others (mother cat.) only to the halfway.. or they are sorted but not showing in the FP as described above.

I am fed up, I lost few days on such a silly problem but I can not run shop like that..

Anyone willing to help ? :/


BO -back office

FP - front page

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Being ironic at least brought an attention so .. ;)


Yes, I've copied also structure but I have checked according to new PS,  i did rename new tables and compare one by one. When I saw change, then I repaired.

They all come from one source so I could not understand why some are sorting and other are not.

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