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Checkbox is missing in VATnumber module

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It seems this module is not compatible with PrestaShop v1.5. It works fine in PrestaShop v1.6. You can hack the radio button to work by changing line 237 of modules/vatnumber.php from:


                        'type' => 'switch',



                        'type' => 'radio',

That will at least let you turn it on and off, though it doesn't look good.

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Thanks Rocky!


It works!.


Maybe you know, how to show VAT directive on ivoice? Every time if user make order without VAT, then invoice must include that directive: Council Directive 2006/112/EC, Art 138

Do you have some ideas how to solve that question?

Or maybe its time to order M4 Pdf module..






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It should be pretty easy. You could add something like the following to the top of themes/<your_theme>/pdf/invoice.tax-tab.tpl (or /pdf/invoice.tax-tab.tpl if that file doesn't exist):

{if !$addresses.invoice->vat_number}{l s='Council Directive 2006/112/EC, Art 138' pdf='true}{/if}
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