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Online catalog from provider ftp means bad SEO ? Help needed :)


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Hello to you all,


I am designing an ink cartridges website, and my providers offer me to directly link to their online catalog for each product card.


I have a big problem with this solution :


I am afraid that all these online linked product will be invisible in terms of SEO for google.


That's why I prefer to take some time and to enter manually each of all my ink cartridges product card on the catalog, to add manually tags and key words, in order to build a solid SEO print on Google.


Also, if I link to the online catalog, the day I leave this provider, all my SEO datas are gone...


Moreover, I plan to do a lot of "organic" adds through a blog, and to add backlinks between the blog and my products, so I think this online solution is not a good deal, given that I want to build up my organic SEO with a blog, and diminish my addwords costs...


If you have an opinion on this problem, it would be great.




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You are totally right. If your store were linked directly to your provide I guess you will have the exact same description of the products. It is called duplicated content. Obviously, Google does not appreciate this kind of practice and your items will never rank high in the search engine result pages. You better craft the description of your products along with their meta data.

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