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[PS 1.4.7] Orders Status - Email sent to customer broken on specific status.


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Hey Prestashop Community


My client reported me a weird issue with his old prestashop. When he manually change an order status, the customer gets notified by an e-mail (according to the templates stored in mails/fr/) that informs him of the status of his order.

Until there, everything is fine.


But there is a single status ('shipped') that sends a blank email with only the shop logo as email attachment. So, my first though was that the problem came from the mail template, so I took the default mail templates for few mail including this one ('in_transit.html/txt',  'shipped.html/txt') to make some tests. But this didn't solve the issue.


I attached a screenshot that compare email that the shop usually sends and the one it sends on 'in transit' status (do not pay attention at the text or it's meaning, it's default Prestashop text).


As far as I know, nobody touched a single comma on any of the controllers and prestashop classes.


Any though on this?


Thank you all very much :)


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Hey @ndiaga


Thanks for your time :)

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I read again my post and the wording I used is quite akward. I will edit it.


The 'in transit' status I was talking about is the default 'shipped' status. I translated it from my native language without checking out what the equivalent was. This is why I didn't add any information on it. 

I wanted to say that this is the only one that is not working. Basically, all the emailing system we use is vanilla. We don't have any email override in theme folder.


Is that clearer? :)

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