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Customer groups & product variations


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Customer group reduction & product combinations


Using version (latest)


The situation is as follows:


I have a customer group which has 50% reduction. If the product has no product combination it shows the reduced price in the detailed product page. So far so good.


If the product has combinations then the initial selling price is displayed instead of the reduced price.


When adding the product (with a specific combination) to the cart the correct reduced price is shown.



I've read a lot of topics concerning this subject but they all cover elder versions like 1.6.01 and so on. the last entry i saw was posted in October 2015.

So I wonder if it's (still) a bug or if it's just impossible to have combined products with a group reduction....


To say that my client swears that it has worked (sometimes) which isn't really helpful. I did a lot of the things suggested by the before mentioned posts but none of them has solved the problem.


Any suggestions?

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