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Disable URL rewriting once it's set manually


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I have two questions regarding URLs and languages and will appreciate any help.


Prestashop generates SEO friendly URLs when the option is turned on, however whenever I change the page name it rewrites the URL again. I need so that once the URL is set (manually or automatically) it can't change when I change the page name. The change can be done only manually. 


Any chance to do that. 


Second question is - adding lang file (theme -> lang - > lang.php file) had very weird effect on the site. Whatever I had translated before (product names and product titles) all disappeared. It's like it reset all things for that language. Is that possible? 


Thanks beforehand. I really need help for the first one. 

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For your first question, assuming you're using PrestaShop v1.6.1.5, it is lines 42-43 of admin/themes/default/controllers/products/input_text_lang.tpl that copies the product name to the friendly URL:

			onkeyup="if (isArrowKey(event)) return ;updateFriendlyURL();"

I suggest that you override the file and then change those lines to:

{if isset($smarty.get.add_product)}
			onkeyup="if (isArrowKey(event)) return ;updateFriendlyURL();"

This will make it so the friendly URL is only updated when adding a new product.

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