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[Solved] 404.gif ERROR (can't get rid off!)


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Please check below URL:

I am having difficulty with image error (404.gif).
I've also tried deleting .htaccess and regenerating from preferences > generator tab.
Also indexed all pages from tools > search tab.

but the ? (question mark) error image still coming. To change it for now I just replace the original gif image with my website name image. http://onlinegems4less.com/img/404.gif

If there's anything else I should try or if there's a anykind module available to fix this please share.
I will be really appreciate your contribution.




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Hi, Thanks for stopping by.

I found the solution. It was because My i was using logo.jpg instead of logo.png. That's why it was showing me error.

oofff... so relief.

Thx again.

Happy coding!!


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