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Product price in product detail page different to popup cart

Neil Trinh

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I've found a problem on Prestashop default


A product has some combinations impact on price - (Price2.png)


And a customer group (Discount 50%) - (Price3.png)


You can see the problem on the product detail page and popup cart (both checkout page) - (Price4.png, Price5.png)



Anyone has the same problem?


Sorry for my bad English :) 






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Indeed, the group discount is not applied to combination price impact on product page.

Here is a ProductController fix proposal: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/5691


Alternatively you can fix it in the theme:

/themes/default-bootstrap/js/product.js (lines 682 and 683 in PS, replace:

basePriceWithoutTax = basePriceWithoutTax + +combination.price;
basePriceWithTax = basePriceWithTax + +combination.price * (taxRate/100 + 1);


basePriceWithoutTax = basePriceWithoutTax + (+combination.price)*(1 - groupReduction);
basePriceWithTax = basePriceWithTax + (+combination.price)*(1 - groupReduction)*(taxRate/100 + 1);


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