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Tax problem, NL shipping

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Hello com. members,


I am a bit frustrated :)



Notice for our webshop with a residence in NL shipping fysical products worldwide we need the following tax rules applied.



- Selling to consumers, apply the VAT % of consumer's country during checkout;

- Selling to businesses, no VAT applied during checkout & force VAT numberregistration when company is selected during checkout.



- Selling to consumers and business, no VAT applied during checkout.



Please, how to accomplish this with Prestahop with or without any add on module?!


Your help is very much appreciated!!







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You would need to create a tax zone for each EU country with the VAT percentage. I don't know of an automatic easy way to do it without buying a quick fix module. I looked on Google a bit and didn't find much on creating Eu VAT tax rules beyond doing it yourself one by one or by just spending the $60 USD for the module.


Best of luck. Everytime I read about the crazy VAT setup, I am thankful to be somewhere with simple tax rules.

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