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Prestashop, problem with URL locales


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Hi to all!


I hope i open this thread to the right place and im not out of topic.


This website http://www.sexylespetites.com/ has one problem and my hosting company and the theme seller cannt help me.

Also i cannot help my self with this.


When you visit the website and you change language (to english for example) evrythings works fine, when you click a categorie or another url the language fallback to the main language.

Its my first prestashop and i cannot figure out whats going on.


Thank you very much!

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I think your problem is related with the cookies, have you tried to login, navigating for 2 or 3 pages, and see if account still logged?


In case the problem are the cookies, most probably it is a issue related to modified files, core changes, custom modules or overrides, you need have a look at all of this and find the source.

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Thanks for the answer,


I dont have custom modules or modfied files and offcourse not core changes :)


I will try to deactivate some modules slowly slowly to find out whas the problem.

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Thank you all,


first the user still login normally, 


thanks vakia allreaady did that but i believe is mmre complicated than this :)


i found that is i click firt time to a link the shop fallback to the main languge, if i hit back and click again to antother link or the same language works, after that fallbak again andd after that work again. I believe that is htaccess and redirects problem and i try to figure it out.  

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