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[PrestaShopException] Can't save Order at line 267 in file classes/PaymentModule.php


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Hi, i have prestashop 1.5. I have a problem with ebay module, i can't import orders from ebay to prestashop. I paste the message:



262. //biaigi change reference
263. //$this->changeReference($order->id);
265.                     if (!$result)
266. throw new PrestaShopException('Can\'t save Order');
268.                     // Amount paid by customer is not the right one -> Status = payment error
269.                     // We don't use the following condition to avoid the float precision issues : http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.float.php
270.                     // if ($order->total_paid != $order->total_paid_real)
271.                     // We use number_format in order to compare two string


Can you help me? thanks.

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