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homeFeatured content not showing


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Hi all,


I have a problem regarding the homeFeatured module. This one is working perfect on the first page and in some other custom pages but not on a particular one

First of all, I created one customCMS hook, that was attached to the homefeatured.php file like this:

	public function install()
		Configuration::updateValue('HOME_FEATURED_NBR', 8);
		Configuration::updateValue('HOME_FEATURED_CAT', (int)Context::getContext()->shop->getCategory());
		Configuration::updateValue('HOME_FEATURED_RANDOMIZE', false);

		if (!parent::install()
			|| !$this->registerHook('header')
			|| !$this->registerHook('addproduct')
			|| !$this->registerHook('updateproduct')
			|| !$this->registerHook('deleteproduct')
			|| !$this->registerHook('categoryUpdate')
			|| !$this->registerHook('displayHomeTab')
			|| !$this->registerHook('displayHomeTabContent')
            || !$this->registerHook('customCMS')
			return false;

		return true;
    public function hookcustomCMS($params)
        return $this->hookDisplayHome($params);

Then, inside my .tpl file I am using this code to show it inside the front page

{hook h='customCMS' setCountry=$smarty.get.id_country}


But it doesn't work, even if it is being present if I use the live editor..

Could someone help me sort it out?

Thank you!


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