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Sometimes error while saving product


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I have this strange problem for a very long time, but the problem is not that big that i need directly a solution.


But i was curious of there where other people who had this problems.

My prestashop version is


This is what happened:


I click in the BO on a product.

And then (for example), i shut the product down, or change the name or simply do nothing and i click on the safe button.


Then, at the top of the page appear mostly of the time 2 or 3 errors.

They say that the product need to put in a category. And the field 'friendly url?' is mandatory in dutch.


But the error's are not real, because when i click another time on the safe button (without change anyting in the mean time) the product is saved.


Sometimes there are no errors, sometimes 2, sometimes 3, and sometimes i need to push the save button 4 times before the product is saved, and sometimes i only need to click 2 times.


This happens with every product.

It seems like to help when i (after an error) navigate to for example the category or SEO page before pushing the save button again!


If there is a solution: i am very glad! If not: not a big deal :)


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Thank you, so there is no solution?

It is just a sort of a bug?


Because i do not think it is normal that you need to load every tab when you want to modify one item :)


And it is strange that sometimes there is no loading problem and sometimes there is.


But thanks for the explanation!

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