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Prestashop 1.6 password rest fails

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Prestashop password reset fails. Once it fails, Prestashop password reset breaks all employee passwords.




Instructions on how to manually reset prestashop employee password using PHPMyAdmin



Tested on Prestashop (confirmed to work on earlier versions to 1.5)


1.  Log in to your cpanel. (or use ftp)

       Open file manager.

       Go to your shop's root directory

       Open to the "config" folder.

       Find and Edit the settings.inc.php file


(If you do not use cpanel then FTP to your shop's root directory. Open the "config" folder" and then download a copy of the "settings.inc.php" file)


2. Open/Edit the settings.inc.php file.

      Find the line in the settings.inc.php file that contains: "COOKIE_KEY". 

      Copy only the key without the quotes.


Example Key:




3. Paste the key on to notepad++ or your favorite text editor


4. At the very end of the cookie_key you pasted to notepad type in your new password.

        No space between the cookie key and the password.



Example cookie WITH New password:




OK, you're half way there.



5. Open PHPMYAdmin

    Find the row labled "ps_employee" and open it. 

    (The prefix may be slightly different:  xxxx_employee)



6. Find the employee that needs a new password. Click "edit"



Two items need to be changed on the password row:



7. First item: "Function" column

      Use the dropdown to select the MD5 option.


8. Second item: The "Value" column.

     Delete existing key in the "value" column.

     Paste the new key with the new password attached.

     (See the "Example cookie WITH New password" above.)



9. Go to the bottom and click "Go"


10. You should now be able to log in.




I hope this helps someone out there.






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I cannot login to my offline prestashop. The password I generated from the system did not arrived in my email. Now, I cannot login. 


After I click forgot password, entered my email address, it says:  

  1. An error occurred while attempting to change your password.

What should I do?  Where is cPanel?

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