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Prestashop Cache Error -


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post-1251863-0-26141900-1463689120_thumb.pngpost-1251863-0-26141900-1463689120_thumb.pngpost-1251863-0-26141900-1463689120_thumb.pngpost-1251863-0-26141900-1463689120_thumb.pngGood Day to All,

I am having this major error which is causing my prestashop to crush not allowing users to purchase products and also not allowing me to work in the backend. The error which keeps showing up is this I cleared my cache a few days ago do to the site crushing and then these problems started to show up. I am new at prestashop and need urgent assistance I have includes some of the lines below and attached a picture of the full error.


Strict Standards: Declaration of Customer::searchByName() should be compatible with CustomerCore::searchByName($query, $limit = NULL) in /home/ngahcom/public_html/override/classes/Customer.php on line 0


Table 'ngahcom_vic2015.ps_smarty_lazy_cache' doesn't exist

DELETE FROM `ps_smarty_lazy_cache`
                            WHERE template_hash='3b044dd16c0c030d766b1f04925391dd' AND cache_id LIKE "blockbestsellers-col%"


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