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Trying to create a custom link function


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Hi all,


I am developing a dynamic CMS page. So I have to create a custom function for building up

the link to those pages in class Link.php.

The function looks something like the one below

Could someone tell me why the $link->getVirtualPageLink() inside a *.tpl file throws error like

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getVirtualPageLink() on string in

The complete smarty code used for the function below is:

{foreach $vPages as $page}


{assign var="link" value="flowers-{$page.country}-{$page.city}.html"}

{assign var="id_link" value="{$link->getVirtualPageLink('8',$page.id_country,$page.city)}"}

{assign var="meta_title" value="Flowers in {$page.country} - {$page.city}"}

<a style="color:normal" href="{$id_link|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" title="{$meta_title|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">






public function getVirtualPageLink($cms, $id_country, $city, $alias = null, $ssl = null, $id_lang = null, $id_shop = null, $relative_protocol = false)


if (!$id_lang) {

$id_lang = Context::getContext()->language->id;



$url = $this->getBaseLink($id_shop, $ssl, $relative_protocol).$this->getLangLink($id_lang, null, $id_shop);


$dispatcher = Dispatcher::getInstance();

if (!is_object($cms)) {

if ($alias !== null && !$dispatcher->hasKeyword('cms_rule', $id_lang, 'id_country', $id_shop) && !$dispatcher->hasKeyword('cms_rule', $id_lang, 'city', $id_shop)) {

return $url.$dispatcher->createUrl('cms_rule', $id_lang, array('id' => (int)$cms, 'rewrite' => (string)$alias), $this->allow, '', $id_shop);


$cms = new CMS($cms, $id_lang);



// Set available keywords

$params = array();

$params['id'] = $cms->id;

$params['rewrite'] = (!$alias) ? (is_array($cms->link_rewrite) ? $cms->link_rewrite[(int)$id_lang] : $cms->link_rewrite) : $alias;


$params['id_country'] = '';

$params['id_country'] = $id_country;


$params['city'] = '';

$params['city'] = $city;


return $url.$dispatcher->createUrl('cms_rule', $id_lang, $params, $this->allow, '', $id_shop);



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Well, that would be the easiest solution ever, right?

But, how do you use the city and country from the link? Because, as I said it will be a dynamic CMS page that will use the id's for the country and for the city.That was my first option but as I wanted to have the params also I had to build a custom link function


Do you know how can I achieve that?


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it may certainly win an award for having the answer most closest to the problem..


not entirely sure what you mean, but I don't see the assigned 'link' being used in that foreach block so why do you have it there.  The object link, you need to be able to call that method, will have been assigned in the controller, or you module, whatever you are using.

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I purposely left the first assignment, the one you also mentioned just to be sure that everybody sees that I don't want that

I will have a page with a lot  of links just like /flowers-country-city.html, but when accessing them I want to be able to pull out the params city and country, crucial for the cms page

So, I have made an override for the Link,php class and added a new function getVirtualPageLink, function similar to getCMSLink. The question is why am I getting that error, or how should I approach this task?


Thank you again,


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As roja45 said, you're getting an error because you re-assigned a string to the smarty variable $link (it is normally initially assigned with a Link object by the FrontController). Remove the line {assign var="link" value="flowers-{$page.country}-{$page.city}.html"} and it should work.

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