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Product-list.tpl broken


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Hi there,


I was trying to hide the add-to-cart button and in stock icon on the product-list.tpl. For that I just commented the html and then I went in the backoffice to Advanced Parameters > Performance and clicked on Force compilation.


Now what I see when going into a category is as the attached image.  As you will see everything is broken now and there are some clickable dots.


I have tried reuploading the product-list.tpl again from what I had before but still not working.


How can I fix it?





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Hi Simonas,


The code is already uncommented. I also re-uploaded the code as it was before changing it, but I still have problems.


The url is www. instaflor .com  If you go into any category everything is moved and with those strange dots.



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If you still have problems it means that you did not clear the cache so the uploads did not take effect.


The code I see commented:

<!-- <span>Add to cart</span>
<a class="button lnk_view btn btn-default" href="http://www.instaflor.com/birthday-flowers/23-cheerful.html" title="View">
<div class="color-list-container"></div>
<div class="product-flags">
<span class="availability">
<span class=" label-success">
In Stock 
<div class="functional-buttons clearfix">

</div><!-- .product-container> -->


The code that should be actually commented:


<!-- <a class="button ajax_add_to_cart_button btn btn-default" href="http://www.instaflor.com/cart?add=1&id_product=28&token=81e62b7be72872cf9349a46bec5df2c8" rel="nofollow" title="Add to cart" data-id-product-attribute="0" data-id-product="28" data-minimal_quantity="1">
<span>Add to cart</span>
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