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Removed products in shopping cart behaviour


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Issue:  A product which is removed from the catalogue but is still in a customers basket from a previous session still remains in the basket.
The system does not notify the user of an issue with the cart
The system does not remove the item from the Cart or check the contents are valid.
The user is allowed to checkout the non existent item, to step 4 of the checkout process(Shipping), before there seems to be problem.
At step 4 of the checkout process(Shipping) There is no error message to indicate there is a problem.
Verify the system checks the contents of the basket are valid, notifies the user when there is an error, updates the basket to reflect correct no. of items. (See the related images with comments and observations in the Steps to Reproduce)  Steps to Reproduce:  (Short version)
Step 1. Login to store
Step 2. Add an item to the cart
Step 3. Log on to the admin portal
Step 4. Take steps to retire a product
Step 5. Go back to the customer store page * Observe there is an item in the cart
Step 6. Proceed through the checkout steps observing the following:
   > Step 1 - Summery, Observe there is nothing in the order summery and 1 item in the cart.
   > Step 3 - Address, Observe The page is as usual and still 1 item in the cart
   > Step 4 - Shipping, Observe the missing proceed button and 1 item in the cart, observe there is no error displayed to the user, observe the only error is "no carriers available" 

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