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Catalog Price Rules with Attribute Condition


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I am using PS1.6.0.14.


I have a product that has 3 attributes. 


1) No headband

2) Simple Headband

3) Fancy Headband


I want to have all my products that has the attribute 'simple headband' to get a discount when customer buy 2 product with 'simple headband' option.


I have configured the catalog price rules as if qty is more than 2, and condition is attribute is 'simple headband', will get some discount.


Lets say customer bought 2 product and puts in the cart:

Product A + 'no headband' and Product A + 'simple headband'


Total item in cart is 2.


The problem is prestashop considers my qty as 2 even though there is only 1 product with 'simple headband'. The cart gives the product with simple headband a discount although the total product with simple headband is 1.

its suppose to have 2 products + 'simple heabband' then only the discount works.


The other product with 'no headband' remains as it is with no discount (correct).


Is this a bug? How can i solve it?

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