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Text trough image on the category page.


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i start using prestashop and i like it so far but i seen to have a bit of a problem on the category image.


My menu is as following:

[ Main #1 ] contains 3 subs [ Sub #1-1 ] [ Sub # 1-2 ] [ Sub #1-3 ]

[ Main #2 ] contains 2 subs [ Sub #2-1 ] [ Sub # 2-2 ]

[ Main #3 ]


When i click on [ Main #1 ] or other ill get a page showing the description of the category and the 3 subs with an image, this is ok.

But when go on and click [ Sub #1-3 ] i see an image of that category but the description of the category is running trough the image.


Is there any way to fix this?



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It seems that you are using default theme and in default theme text is over the image. This is how it should work. 


Of course you can modify original template code the way you like it. 

On example would be to use code below instead of original:

<div class="content_scene_cat">
     <span class="category-name">
                                Dresses                            </span>
                                  <!-- Category image -->
                    <div class="content_scene_cat_bg" style="min-height: 217px; background: url("http://localhost/prestashop1610/c/8-category_default/dresses.jpg") right center / cover no-repeat;">
  <div class="cat_desc" style="
                                                            <div class="rte"><p>Find your favorites dresses from our wide choice of evening, casual or summer dresses!</p>
<p>We offer dresses for every day, every style and every occasion.</p></div>

There are many other ways depending on result you want to achieve.

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