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How to create a Marquee text / running text?

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I just try`t to see if this works and i have no problems with it.

I use notepad++ ( best editor i believe and it is free ) and i just copied the code from the link provided by yumyum and added it to the header.tpl and it worked right away.

Check out my test site http://www.gadgetshoppingonline.com

Best regards,


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Try this way.
Download Web Developer add-on for Firefox
Go to back office click on configure Home editor.
Then from Web Developer Toolbar select Disable -> Disable JavaScript -> All JavaScript.
Reload page and copy code , save changes .
Then you can turn back on JavaScript and check homepage.

I know this is not elegant way but it worked for me.

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I didn't think of that. Thanks! I will try it.

I guess you cannot just put it anyplace on the home page editor like in the middle of the page but at least it would be on there and working.

When I looked at the store page before making any changes I noticed the marquee was running so I did further testing.

I added the marquee tag without making any java changes and the marquee stopped.

Then I disabled javascript, added the marque code and enabled java - all and the marquee started working. When I checked the admin page it still stripped the marquee tag out but it does work ... strange.

Thanks everyone!

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