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Social Sharing Module Position


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Hello fellow Prestashopers.

I'm new with prestashop yet I have come with a problem regarding the position of a module.

It's pretty clear that you can handle the position of a module by draging it to the desired positioni in the appropriate hook.

I wanted to move the social sharing module in the displayRightColumnProduct Hook to the bottom of the column below the "add to wishlist" button. No matter how much dragging I did it didnt seem to work.

I'm attaching a photo to illustrate my problem.


Thank you in advance for your time and concern.



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Hello Vekia

Thank you for your quick response.

I'm a little lost here.

Here is what I think I grapsed from your reply.


1) You want me to unhook Social Sharing Module from displayRightColumnProduct.
2) Create a new hook named $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT which is connected with displayLeftColumnProduct.


How do i create a new hook and name it and connect it to an existing one? Is it done with transplant?

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Well I found a solution tinkering the product.tpl file.


I moved following code that appears right after the name of the product right below the code that adds the product to the wishlist.




It's not tested yet. I hope it works correctly.

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