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Specific price issue and are 1.6.1.x issues still being tracked in Forge?


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I've had a bug report on forge since March, that hasn't even been looked at as far as I can see.  Responses used to be pretty quick.  http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-7849


With a new computeExtraConditions function was introduced in the specifcprice class, which is dropping previous clauses in the SQL query on id_customer and id_cart.


When you call getPrice on the product it will pass null as the cart id when there is no cart id available, which cause the previous 'AND id_cart IN (0, 0')' clause in the query, in,  to be dropped completely.  


This means all specific prices get returned when null is passed to this function, i.e. from other front office customers browsing, the back office, wherever.


I can see a cart's specific price against the product in the back office, which can't be correct.



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