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How to display error message instead of "Product successfully added to cart"

maria zagula

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Hi experts!

I would like to display simple error message (somethink like this)


when person click "add to cart". I tried hookCart but it run after added product to cart so it is too late.


I tried something like this:

public function hookCart($params) 
	$cookie = $params['cookie'] ;
	if(empty ($cookie->email))
		return '<!DOCTYPE html>
		<body onload="javascript:myFunction()">

		<p>Click the button to display an alert box:</p>

		<button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button>

		function myFunction() {
			alert("I am an alert box!");

         //Some code not important

But it does not work ...


Please help !!! :)


Thanks in advance :)


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