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Webservice - Get Product Quantity in the product itselt


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I am  new to Prestashop. Currently i am able to access my store through webservice and do all the CRUD operations successfully with the help of this official tutorial.



I need a custom option of receiving the product (or) product list with the quantity of stock_availables in the product itself, without the need to query again with the stock_available id of the product. 


Thanks in Advance.

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After some trial and error, i found the below way to get the product quantity in the product itself on webservice if you don't have combinations. 


Go to file /classes/Product.php


Search around line 387 for 


           'quantity' => array(

                'getter' => 'false',
                'setter' => false


and change it to 


           'quantity' => array(

                'getter' => 'getMyStockforWebService',
                'setter' => false
Then add the following method.
 public function getMyStockforWebService(){
    return StockAvailable::getQuantityAvailableByProduct($this->id, 0);
This might help someone
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