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Export CSV Clients avec adresses postale et Custom Fields par Gestionnaire SQL

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Je cherche le moyen d'exporter la liste des clients avec leur adresse postale et les champs du module Custom Fields.

En effet je parviens à exporter dans le Gestionnaire SQL la requète basée sur le filtrage des clients sur un des champ personnalisé du module Custom Fields mais j'aimerai en plus y ajouter l'adresse postale du client ...

par exemple voici une requète :

a.`id_customer`, `firstname`, `lastname`, `email`, `company`, a.`active` AS `active`, `newsletter`, `optin`, ccfv_14.`value` AS `ccfv_14_value`
        a.date_add, gl.name as title, (
            SELECT SUM(total_paid_real / conversion_rate)
            FROM mabdd_orders o
            WHERE o.id_customer = a.id_customer
             AND o.id_shop IN (1) 
            AND o.valid = 1
        ) as total_spent, (
            SELECT c.date_add FROM mabdd_guest g
            LEFT JOIN mabdd_connections c ON c.id_guest = g.id_guest
            WHERE g.id_customer = a.id_customer
            ORDER BY c.date_add DESC
            LIMIT 1
        ) as connect, ccfv_1.value AS ccfv_1_value, ccfv_7.value AS ccfv_7_value, ccfv_10.value AS ccfv_10_value, ccfv_11.value AS ccfv_11_value, ccfv_4.value AS ccfv_4_value, ccfv_5.value AS ccfv_5_value, ccfv_13.value AS ccfv_13_value, ccfv_14.value AS ccfv_14_value
FROM `mabdd_customer` a 
LEFT JOIN mabdd_gender_lang gl ON (a.id_gender = gl.id_gender AND gl.id_lang = 1)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_1
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_1.id_customer AND ccfv_1.id_custom_field = 1)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_7
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_7.id_customer AND ccfv_7.id_custom_field = 7)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_10
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_10.id_customer AND ccfv_10.id_custom_field = 10)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_11
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_11.id_customer AND ccfv_11.id_custom_field = 11)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_4
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_4.id_customer AND ccfv_4.id_custom_field = 4)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_5
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_5.id_customer AND ccfv_5.id_custom_field = 5)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_13
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_13.id_customer AND ccfv_13.id_custom_field = 13)
LEFT JOIN mabdd_customer_custom_field_value ccfv_14
ON (a.id_customer = ccfv_14.id_customer AND ccfv_14.id_custom_field = 14)
WHERE 1  AND a.`deleted` = 0  AND ccfv_4.`value` LIKE '%2016%'  AND ccfv_4.`value` LIKE '%2016%' 
ORDER BY `date_add` DESC


Merci par avance pour votre aide

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