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"Save and stay" and "Save" buttons remain disabled


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On product edit page in back office. Some times I wait for around more than 2-3 minutes, still "save and stay" and "save" button remain disabled. Then I refresh the page, after 2-3 attempts save button gets enabled.

One day I pressed F12 to check if there is any error in console or network. Then I noticed that edit product page creates around 10-15 asynchronous connections to load all the tabs in edit product page, if any of them don't get loaded due to any reason, save button remain disabled. I thought problem is with my hosting provider.

I also contacted my hosting provider regarding this issue. They said that issue is with prestashop not with hosting.

Please help. What should I do to resolve the issue.



Gautam Garg


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getting errors in links similar to these links. These errors are not permanent, occurs randomly. Sometimes after refresh, errors goes.

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