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Invoice generated but not visible using the "quick button"


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For some of my orders are invoices generated correctly but are not accessible using the "view invoice" button. Instead of it only "without invoice" is shown. Why is this and how can I fix it?


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Thank you for a hint, tuk66! There were missing data in invoice_number and delivery_number columns of the orders table in the DB. Fortunately these "numbers" were stored in the order_invoice table. So I manually copied these numbers a synced the database.

The root cause of this is most probably the malfunction of PDF generation in the latest update: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/520530-print-delivery-slips-pdf-error/

(this was fixed by replacing all files in the /classes/pdf and /pdf directories by the files from backed up version

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Great! The most important question is: Will it happen again?


Ty chybějící údaje v některých tabulkách bývají často přiznakem nedokončení objednávkového procesu. Jednoduše to skončí v půlce. Těžko se to odlaďuje, protože to bývá náhodné. Pokud je to tento náhodný proces, tak bývá na vině server - timeout nebo paměť a to hlavně za velkého provozu - zatížení serveru.

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Will it happen again? Hard to say! ;-) There are two possible sources why this happened:

  1. Caching at the server side (as I have to admit I was experimenting with some setting combinations and some of them did not work really well)
  2. Module "Edit Order" - again - some experiments with this mighty tool.
  3. (combination of 1&2)

​No problems since that time & 50+ new orders!


(a teď dám prostě jen na modlení, no... :rolleyes: )

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